Q. What is the difference between management and an agency?
A.  A Model Manager’s focus is more on managing models career than with arranging auditions. Model managers keep in close touch with model agents to ensure a shared vision for the model, but a manager stays mostly on the management end of the models career. Sometimes a model manager may set up an audition for a model, but that is not their focus. A model manager will not guarantee auditions for a model. Securing auditions is a model agent’s job.

 A model managers job includes finding the model “scouting” ,introduction and guidance of the model  to the model business, Oversee both day to day business and personal affairs . Also to advise and counsel about their professional matters and personal decisions which may affect their career. Handle development of the model including the initial models portfolio or digital photos to be introduced to partner  model agents and clients, public relations companies, and helps to make a career plan and keep the model on a path toward success.

Managers juggle the model business professional demands, placements with the right partner retail agencies and model agents, travel documents, visas, contracts and appearances that come with a prominent career. Some Managers can negotiate contracts and interpret contracts to help shape the direction of Model’s career to generate the most revenue and create the best brand name for herself  and also Create personal contracts for her to protect the model’s name and image.


A Model Agent works for a retail model agency where they use their contacts to arrange auditions for the models represented by the agency.

 Models need a model agent to supply job opportunities. A model agent is able to provide a model with auditions they would not otherwise know about. Without the appropriate modeling auditions a models career will go nowhere.

When securing a model agency/agent, with the help of the model manager , models should seek model agencies franchised with The Mother Agencies of Models Association (MAMA). This means the agency and its agents have signed a contract agreeing to accept ethical and professional business practices.

The differences between a model agent and a model manager vary, but their responsibilities are geared toward the same goal… advancing a models career and getting the models more modeling jobs so the model makes more money. The bottom line is that when a model succeeds and gets paid, everybody gets paid. Both model agents and model managers will work hard to make that happen. Models typically need Management At the very beginning of their career to start off  and once they have become well known or highly booked. Models typically need a Agents once a manager is placed and throughout their careers to keep finding work they would have not known about