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Seven Talent Agency Management Miami | LA | NY
Modeling | Acting | Spokes Persons |Brand Ambassadors

We offer:

  • Brand Ambassadors Beer & Liquor Promotional Models
  • Fashion Show Packages Belly Dancers Gogo- Dancers Marketing &
  • Advertising services through Models’ Social Networks Models for TV
  • Shows, Commercials, Movies, Music Videos Models
  • “Print/Commercial” Model Appearances Model Bartenders Model
  • Dinners Model Greeters Model Hosts Promotional Models Trade
  • Show & Convention Models
Seven Talent Agency & Management  Miami | LA | NY
Our company works with the aspiring model that has no experience, to the model that has a full resume of work and is looking to take the next step in her career. We invest time and money into developing our models so they are well prepared informed, and experienced for the modeling industry and the way it works. We provide test shoots, create paper portfolios, video portfolios, comp cards, and much more for marketing our models for potential clients. Seven Talent Agency serves as the bridge between the models and the businesses to make sure both parties provide excellent service and endorsement of models and services. We consistently work with advertising agencies, fashion designers, casting coordinators for television, movies or film, etc.We also work with club promoters, marketing directors, and any business looking to increase revenue by spicing up their marketing scheme.
We offer our clientele & Models the highest level of professionalism, Talent development and arrange  Top Professional Models, Photography and Cinematography.